The Spaulding Group
Announcing Free Fundamentals of GIPS Workshops

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS(R)) have become an important part of the investment performance area, but there is still a great amount of confusion and misinterpretation of the Standards. The course has been designed to educate individuals that work with the Standards, as well as to address some of the problem areas we see with many firms.

We have decided to offer this course for FREE, but there are a few catches:


The course is free only to investment firms (i.e., money managers and plan sponsors)

Each class is limited to only 20 participants, to make it more intimate: easier to share ideas, and discuss issues and concerns


Only one participant per firm may attend. (If a firm wants to send more than one, then a modest fee of $500 will be applied)


Fundamentals of GIPS Workshops! A focused, in-depth overview. The Spaulding Group's Fundamentals of GIPS workshop is designed to guide you through the complicated, often grey areas, and remove the confusion that surrounds the GIPS standards. Our practical and straightforward approach to teaching, and interpreting the Standards, along with taking the time to address all of your issues, will leave you with a solid understanding of the Standards, which will help you and your firm. The agenda includes:

  • Fundamentals of compliance
  • Input data
  • Calculation methodology
  • Real estate & private equity
  • Composite construction
  • Disclosures
  • Presentation & reporting
  • Advertising guidelines
  • Error correction
  • Policies and Procedures